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A perfect Passover vacation in the best kosher hotel in the world

six years of uncompromising excellence
Caprice Spa Kosher Resort in Cyprus

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A kosher lemehadrin boutique hotel 365 days a year and specially adapted for the  jewish religious public.

Score of 4.8 on Google - the reviews prove, first in service, first in quality and first in kashrut.

Passover 2023 package that includes all-inclusive hotel accommodation, luxurious holiday meals, trips, entertainment, luxurious rooms, a pampering spa complex and many more surprises.

Intimate and exclusive Passover – only 50 suites for up to only  150 guests.



Caprice Spa Hotel is located in the heart of the Cypriot nature, about a 40-minute drive from Paphos, between the fishing port in Latchi and the "Akamas" nature reserve where the famous Blue Lagoon of Cyprus is located. The hotel is set 400 metres from the waterfront and is surrounded by lovely hiking trails in nature and along the coast. A kilomutter away from the hotel is the Latchi fishing port from where the cruise to the Blue Lagoon departs as well as buggies rides to Akamas. In the port you will find a nice marina with a promenade and children's playgrounds. A short drive from the hotel is the town of Polis with a pedestrian street and shops, supermarkets, bars and restaurants.


The hotel and the rooms

Caprice Spa was opened in 2017and has been serving the Jewish religious public continuously (except for the corona) for the past six years. This year we will continue the tradition and hold a fifth Passover at the hotel. Completed six years ago, the hotel offers six separate buildings, each with a variety of rooms for couples and families. All rooms have courtyards or balconies and some offer a private hot tub or private pool. The hotel also has luxurious suites with a private hot tub on the terrace overlooking the bay.

The hotel has a shared outdoor pool with a in-water seating bar, a pool for small children and a huge spa complex with a heated pool, a sauna and steam room, a Jacuzzi and a heated pool with minerals and salt from the Dead Sea. There are also treatment rooms with a variety of pampering and relaxing spa treatments, facials and beauty treatments.  Please note only in Caprice the spa complex is open daily until 23:30 at night.

All rooms are luxurious and offer comfortable beds with new mattresses, a fully equipped kitchen with a refrigerator, an oven, a coffee station and a dining table, bathrooms with bathtubs, a safe, a hair dryer, a private courtyard or a balcony and TVs with channels from Israel.

Studio apartment - 2 guests
One-bedroom apartment – up to 4 guests (double bed in the bedroom and double sofa bed in the living room)
Two- bedroom apartment – up to 6 guests (2 bedrooms and a double sofa bed in the living room)
Large two-bedroom apartment – up to 8 guests (2 bedrooms and 2 double sofa beds in the living room)
All rooms can be booked with an upgrade to a room with a jacuzzi or private pool.

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The culinary side has been led in Caprice for the past 6 years by the local chef Stella Apogeti and is perhaps most responsible for the high score that the hotel has consistently received since its opening. Stella, a chef by grace, was born in the village of Neo Hourio in the mountains above the hotel and started her journey in the kitchen more than 30 years ago. In recent years, at  Caprice, she has specialized in kosher cooking and combines Israeli cuisine with Cypriot charm and creates delicacies that are praised by every guest. She prepares homely food, very tasty and unsophisticated and she is attentive and available for any request from the guests. Throughout the holiday you will get to eat from local classic dishes such as the "Kleftiko" stew (a long-cooked local lamb stew) to Haryme or Yemenite soup and even hamin, gafflita-fish and kneidelach.

The buffet is always abundant full and fresh. On weekdays we serve a rich and pampering dairy breakfast, in the afternoon sandwiches and fruit and in the evening a meat meal in a varied and rich buffet style. On Saturdays and holidays a luxurious and festive full board that includes a light breakfast, a meat lunch and a dairy dinner. Guests are welcome at any time for coffee, tea and cake.


Kashrot and adaptation to the religious public

Kashrut - Kashrut in Caprice is strictly under the supervision of Rabbi Nechama Ratunberg of Vienna 365 days a year. The hotel has a professional kosher supervisor 24/7. On Passover, there are no Shroya and no legumes.

Seder editor and cantor Yitzhak Peretz will lead the joint Seder for the second year in a row in aunified Israeli/Andalusian Sephardic version. Guests can have a private arrangement in a separate room.

Synagogue - The hotel has an active synagogue with a Torah scroll.

Keys for Shabbat and holidays – Caprice is the only hotel that offers guests Shabbat keys! (In any other hotel you will have to leave your room door open on holidays and Saturdays)

Shabbat lighting – All lighting in the hotel is adapted to Shabbat. Automatically deactivates lighting throughout the hotel and up to the light in the refrigerator in your room.

Hebrew-speaking staff –the staff speaks Hebrew 24/7. At every position at the hotel you will find a Hebrew-speaking staff member who will be happy to help with anything.

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Cruise to the Blue Lagoon.

Cruise on a large ship along Hakamas Bay to the famous BlueLagoon. Thegorgeous and shallow lagoon with sandy soil, warm andtransparent turquoise waters. The cruise departs from the port of Latchi, which is next to the hotel. The bravest among you will be able to jump into the water for swimming and amusement.

Day trip to Paphos

We will leave the hotel on our way to Paphos and stop atthe village of Katyx located about half way between the city of Paphos and Polis. The village has famous traditional taverns and vineyards and has a long history. What a village you can see in spectacular landscapes such as "Coral Bay Bay", the Ekamas, the Troodos mountain range and the Paphos Forest. From there we will continueto CoralBay Coral Bay Beach. A coral bay with golden sand and enchanting scenery withone of the most beautiful beaches in the area. From there we will set out to see a spectacular sight, the shipwreck on the shore at Piaia. This is an Albanian ship that got stuck on a wreck years ago and has been standing in the bay ever since. Upright, proud, as if she were just about to set sail, the shipwreck "Adero 3" has stood on the shore since 2011, when it ran aground there. At "Oniro by the Sea" you can indulge in a cold beer, ice cream or a cup of coffee, with the pleasant beach and the ship in front of you. Right next to us we will see the wonderful "Sea Caves" of Paphos. These caves are a familiar natural phenomenon when the rock wears out from the force of the sea waves. The caves were created over millions of years as the sea gnawed at the limestone rock on the coast and over time created caves of various sizes and even tiny islands, which look like a landscape painting created by nature. We will see antiquities in the "Tombs of the Kings" andvisitKato Paphos, the lower city of Paphos. Today it is home to most of the ancient and intriguing sites of Paphos. We will see the mythological mosaicsthat are considered to be among the most beautiful and preserved in the Mediterranean region. Finally, we will stop for shopping at the "Avenue of Kings" mall, where, among other things, the "Jumbo" store is located.

Aphrodite's Rock, Omodos and the Troodos Mountains

We will startat the Aphrodite Rock in the Paphos district and is one of the most photographed and identified places with Cyprus in general and Paphos in particular. The place is actually a rock rising out of the water when in this place, according to Greek mythology, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, rose from the foam of the sea. Instead you will be impressed by the rock and the brave ones can try to climb it (not recommended) or swim around it and thus gain longevity. Legend has it that every swim around the rock should be a year less than the biological age, so be aware that you're not doing any more laps right away. From there we will continue to the village of Omodos. Omodos is one of the most recognized villages in Cyprus, the village is about an hour's drive from Paphos towards the Troodos Mountains. This small and touristic village isfamous for the local wines, the zivania drinkandthe lace works of the village women. This village is one of the most colorful villages in Cyprus. Despite its relatively small size, many interesting sites can be found here – ancient stone houses, the monastery "Timius Stavros", local wineries and even a number of museums such as the Lace Museum, the Ecclesiastical Treasury Museum, the Museum of Struggle and more. We will end the trip with a hike in the Troodos Mountains.

Trips to Akamas Bay

Let's start at the baths of Aphrodite. A lovely waterfall on the out skirts of the Akamas Reserve (Cyprus' largest nature reserve). According to Greek mythology, Aphrodite used to bathe in this place the goddess of love and beauty. Adjacent to the mikveh youwill findwalking paths, observation points with an amazing panoramic view of the bayand a botanical garden. From there we will continue and stopat the village of Steni Steni. The village is home to the "Museum of Village Life". This is a nice museum that deals with village life in the area in the periods from1800to1945. There are activities related to past village life that may also be of interestto the children who come to the place. Here you will be impressed by agricultural items and ancient kitchenware, scenes of weaving and plowing, handicrafts, traditional clothes, andan admire of the old children's toy corner. From there we will continue to the village of Argaka and the bravecan leap from the pier to the sea or enjoy the beautiful promenade there. To finish we will stop at the picturesque village of Pomos where we will find a small marina and a lovely unspoilt stretch of beach.

Hiking trails

The hiking trails in the Akmas reserve "Aphrodite" and "Adonis" for trekkers. Within 2.5 miles of the hotel are a variety of hiking trails with spectacular views, of different lengths and difficulty levels. These sea treksarea walk into the heart of the holy of holies of environmentalists and nature lovers in Cyprus. Here you can "sail" among the natural wonders of theAkmas National Park. These routes will takeyouup the mountain to one of the most amazing viewpoints in Akamas, from where you can look out all the way to the Blue Lagoon.

Those of you who are not trekkers will have more fun on the "Smigas" route, which is an easier and shorter route. A circular trail that offers an amazing vantage point and magical areas for picnics and photos.


Attractions at an additional cost


One of the most fun and beautiful hikes is an ATV ride in the Akamas reserve. The reserve has dozens of dedicated trails for off-road riding in sea ATVs and breathtaking views. The hike lasts about 4 hours and is challenging and you can stop for a lookout, a hike, a selfie and also at Stella's house for a kosher picnic in the mountains. You must have a driver's license. Additional charge

Aphrodite Water Park

The Aphrodite water park is considered one of the most recommended attractions in the Paphos region, it is a most enjoyable park, suitable for the whole family from small to large. And you can spend a whole day of fun wet and fun activities. In the park you will find various and varied facilities that include a variety of water slides, a jump bubble, a climbing wall in the water, a lazy river, a wave pool, fast water slides, tubing slides, a closed tube slide, a large complex designed for small children and more.

Paphos Zoo

The zoo is on the slopes of one of the hills, a 25-minute drive from Paphos town to the northwest. This is a beautiful natural place immersed in green and home to a wide variety of wildlife that excites both young and old. One of the attractions inside the zoo is the bird show where parrots and owls are within easy reach of the kids and do stunts over their heads.

Paphos Zoo is not a big zoo but it is very well maintained and walking around it feels like walking around the Cyprus countryside rather than a zoo. There are several trails within the zoo and occasionally stopping points for resting, or eating. There is also a lovely littlesouvenir shopwhen you step out of the garden.

Master of the senses Assaf Solomon

The master of the senses who stunned the countrywhen he was the only one who predicted the election results from 2019 to 2022 4 times in a row accurately! Uri Geller, the father of Israeli sensory art, said of Assaf, "I saw him do amazing things, which even I don't have an explanation for." So how did Assaf Salomon get to this? We don't have an answer either. For sure, he is already a rising star among professional sensory artists, has been a guest on radio shows, interviewed by the press and television and has already managed to break into the consciousness of all of us (literally). Assaf is preparing alovely event for you,  Will excite the stunned guests and cause aneveningof pure pleasure.


Gustavo the Magician

Magician GhostBo in a magic and telepathy show for the whole family. An entertaining and funny evening for kids and adults with magic that will leave you stunned and withmore surprises. And in addition a magic workshop for children and the creation of balloons in shapes.




Taverna show

A traditional taverna evening with singers and dancers according to the best Greek tradition.

Singer Eyal Twito

The up-and-coming singer Eyal Twito in a singing evening for the whole family. Songs for all denominations and from all times in an exciting and joyful evening of singing and dancing.


Bingo evening

An entertaining bingo evening for the whole family with equal prizes. First prize a 4-day vacation


Creative room and kids' club

Includes babysitting services at an additional cost



Caprice Spa holds a score of 4.8 in Google reviews. Savvy people know how difficult it is to get and maintain such a score based entirely on a review by guests who visited a hotel with verified Google accounts. This score reflects the tireless striving and unceasing effort of the hotel owners and staff to create a perfect hospitality experience.

Over 450 reviews prove that Caprice Spa has no competitors. We offer the religious public the best and most service-oriented hospitality experience. From the level of cleanliness of the rooms and facilities, through the mehadrin kosher kitchen and Stella's delicacies, to the personal service from the staff andthe hotel owners, everything is aimed at creating a perfect customer experience without compromise.

We are glad that our efforts are reflected in the reviews and offer you an impression for yourself :

Letter from the owner

Dear Guest,

I am excited to invite you to celebrate Passover 2023 with us.

This will be the fifth Passover we are having at the hotel since the opening and it is the most exciting time of the year for me.

Our hotel is a small hotel and on Passover when the hotel is full there are about 150 guests. Good Jews from Israel but also from France and England. Passover with us is intimate and homely and I feel a personal responsibility for each and every guest.

This year we have prepared for you a rich program according to the best tradition of Caprice. Trips every day and entertainment every evening. And of course, our Stella will prepare for you the most delicious kosher food in the world.

Our veteran team is already looking forward to seeing you, we promise that there will always be a Hebrew-speaking staff member at your service and beyond that me, my wife and my two sons are doing and will do everything we can and more to ensure you enjoy every moment. My son Nir will close your vacation by phone and I humbly say that you will not find a better service person than him. My son Tal will meet and host you at the hotel together with me and my wife. In Caprice it's all about personal and family attention throughout.

Over the years, we have received exceptional feedback from our customers, but let me take this opportunity to pay back to hundreds of families of Jews from all over the world who visited the hotel. We got to know amazing people and amazing families of all kinds and genders that Judaism connects them all. Being the owner of a kosher hotel abroad is a great privilege and I thank you for that.

In conclusion, I would like to thank my devoted partner, Rabbi Nehemiah Rotenberg, who gives the kashrut to the hotel. Nehemiah does days and nights to ensure that the kashrut in the hotel is at the highest level and there is nothing more important than that in my opinion.

I'd love to see you

Sharon Ginzborsky

Owner, Hotel Caprice in Cyprus


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Client Support WhatsApp 050-7858697

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